With access to both saltwater and freshwater fishing, getting your Walmart fishing license Mississippi is a must if you hope to enjoy fishing in this state.

In this article, we’ll break down the costs of a Walmart Fishing License Mississippi and how to get your fishing license from Walmart.

Fishing in Mississippi

‘In God we Trust.’ That is the Mississippi state slogan. Personally, I like to trust my chances of catching a fish. When fishing in Mississippi, your chances are pretty high.

To begin, fishing in Mississippi offers access to saltwater fishing along the Gulf Coast as well as freshwater fishing among numerous public lakes. Not all states have ocean access. As a result, Mississippi have access to both fresh and saltwater.

A few of the best places to fish in Mississippi include the Mississippi Gulf Coast for pier fishing and deepwater fishing. Secondly, check out Neshoba County State Lake or Grenada Lake for freshwater fishing.

Common Mississippi include both small and largemouth bass, catfish, walleye and crappie (black and white). In fact, Enid Lake holds the world record for white crappie at 5.3lbs!

A freshwater reel is always useful here.

In the remainder of this article, find more information on a Mississippi fishing license and how much a Walmart fishing license Mississippi will cost you.

Walmart Fishing License Price MS

Walmart fishing license price in MS will vary based on the type of license you are looking for. The below table details the different types of fishing licenses available to you in MS.

Mississippi Resident Fishing License Costs

  • Sportsman Annual license (does not include saltwater fishing) – $45
  • 3 day freshwater fishing license – $3
  • Saltwater fishing annual license – $10

Mississippi Non Resident Fishing License Costs

  • Freshwater fishing annual license – $60
  • 3 day freshwater fishing license – $15
  • 1 day freshwater fishing license- $8
  • Saltwater fishing annual license – $30
  • 3 day saltwater fishing license – $15

In summary, a Walmart fishing license Mississippi will vary mainly based on residency status. Fishing licenses in MS are not required if under the age of 16 years for both residents and non residents.

Where can I buy a MS fishing license?

Walmart is the easiest place to get your fishing license in Mississippi. Outside of Walmart, other options to get your MS fishing license include:

Overall, it’s rather easy to buy a fishing license in Mississippi

How to obtain your Walmart fishing license Mississippi?

Firstly, find a Walmart nearest you. There should be plenty in Mississippi. Upon arrival, look for the Outdoor and Sporting Goods department. Normally, a store employee is designated to this area to help people choose the right Walmart fishing license MS for them. They will breakdown your options and pricing for you which should match what’s find through the Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.


Fishing in Mississippi is great for both the saltwater and freshwater enthusiast. Furthermore, it’s easy to get a fishing license in Mississippi. Enjoying your time on the water will be easy here. Mississippi’s sister state of Alabama also offers some similar fishing options.

walmart fishing license MS
Freshwater fishing in Mississippi!

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