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Wisconsin may be America’s Dairyland but it’s also quite the place to go fishing. The state has two Great Lakes on the border, Lake Superior to the North and Lake Michigan to the East. In addition to this, the Mississippi River borders Wisconsin to the West and there are thousands of streams running through it. This makes Wisconsin excellent for freshwater fishing.

The most common fish catches in Wisconsin include walleye, salmon, pike, trout and bass. In this article, learn how to get a Wisconsin fishing license so that you can catch them!

Be sure to follow our tips for catching walleye to ensure that you hook one.

Wisconsin fishing license cost

This initial section will cover the costs of a Wisconsin fishing license. Remember, fishing licenses are required in Wisconsin for residents and non residents 16 years and older. The table below will break down the different prices of Wisconsin fishing licenses:

Wisconsin Resident Fishing License Cost

  • Walmart fishing license Wisconsin freshwater Annual – $20
  • Walmart fishing license Wisconsin 1 Day – $8

Non-resident Fishing License Cost in Wisconsin

  • Annual fishing license – $55
  • 1 Day fishing license – $15

Where to get a Wisconsin Fishing License?

A Wisconsin fishing license is available for purchase at various in state sporting goods and outdoor stores or through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Of course, you can also find a fishing license at Walmart. Continue on to learn more about the obtaining a fishing license at Walmart.

Can you get a Wisconsin fishing license at Walmart?

Yes, you will find a Wisconsin fishing license in Walmart stores. Similar to other states in our guide, obtaining a Wisconsin fishing license at Walmart is generally the same experience.

First, check the store locator for a Walmart selling fishing licenses in Wisconsin near near you. When you arrive at the store, head to the Outdoors section for help from an associate to purchase a Wisconsin fishing license. Walmart fishing license Wisconsin costs will not vary from the prices listed above or from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


Fishing Wisconsin is a haven for freshwater fishing. Just don’t forget your license so that you can enjoy reeling in fish without any penalties or fees.

walmart fishing license

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