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While Hawaii is the only state in the USA without a Walmart Supercenter, there are plenty of regular Walmart discount stores around the island. In this article, I’ll share how to obtain your Walmart Fishing License Hawaii so that you can make the most of your time on the islands!

Furthermore, I’ll breakdown the fishing license types associated cost of a Walmart fishing license in Hawaii

Fishing in Hawaii

Say Aloha to fishes in the Aloha state! As an island state surrounded by water on all sides, ocean fishing and deepwater fishing is second to none. What most people probably don’t know is that Hawaii is also home to some great freshwater fishing.

Ocean fishing in Hawaii is popular for Tuna, Wahoo, and Marlin. The Kona Coast off the island of Hawaii is widely seen as the best spot for ocean fishing.

The islands are also dotted with freshwater lakes and ponds. Traditional freshwater fish are available to catch including trout, bass, and catfish.

However, deep sea fishing is Hawaii at it’s best. As such, be sure to pack an offshore reel!

Continue reading for information related to your Hawaii fishing license and how much a Hawaii fishing license costs.

Hawaii fishing license cost

In this next section, I will share the cost of a Hawaii fishing license for residents vs non residents. It’s important to note that a license in Hawaii is only required for freshwater fishing. A marine or ocean fishing license is not needed for residents or visitors.

Hawaii Resident Fishing License Cost

  • Walmart fishing license Hawaii Annual – $6
  • Senior Fishing License Annual – $1
  • Minor Fishing License Annual – $4

Non-resident Fishing License Cost in Hawaii

  • Walmart fishing license Hawaii – $26
  • 7 day tourist – $11
  • 30 day tourist – $21

In summary, now you know that you do not need a saltwater fishing license. Furthermore, you are aware of the freshwater fishing license costs in Hawaii.

Where to get a Hawaii Fishing License?

You have the option to purchase a Hawaii fishing license through the state department of Natural Resources. In addition, a Hawaii fishing license is found at most fishing stores and outlets throughout the state. Finally, Hawaii fishing licenses are available through your local Walmart. Read on below to learn more about the Walmart fishing license Hawaii.

How to Obtain your Walmart Fishing License Hawaii?

As mentioned, Hawaii does not have any Walmart super centers. However, the standard Walmart stores do exist here and you can find a Walmart fishing license Hawaii through one of these Walmart stores. Upon arrival to Walmart, head to their Sporting & Outdoor department. Approach the customer desk to find a store attendee who will help issue you a Hawaii fishing license suited for your needs. A Walmart fishing license Hawaii cost will match prices found through the State department or other stores in the region.


While Hawaii has excellent saltwater ocean fishing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the freshwater options. As always, check the other states in our guide if you find yourself fishing in another state and need information on local fishing license requirements.

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