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Where to Get a Fishing License

The USA is a paradise for fishermen. Here you can enjoy all kinds of fishing: in the sea, river, lake. The vast territory, climatic features and geographical location of a particular region determine the presence of particular fish species. So, salmon dominates in the northern seas: sockeye, coho, pink salmon, chum salmon. Trout, grayling, halibut inhabit the mountain lakes and rivers. The southern waters are rich in barracks, mackerel, tuna, sailfish, wahoo, jack and various types of sharks. Fishing in the US is always an adventure surrounded by wild nature.

But you can go fishing only after obtaining a legal permission for it. Fishing without a valid license is considered a serious crime, which can be punished by a substantial fine or even imprisonment.

How to purchase a fishing license?

You should take into account that every state has its individual nature protection rules and regulations.

You can study all the requirements more precisely in the Fishing Guide which is issued every year by each state.

To be able to obtain a fishing license in a certain state, be ready to provide a valid photo identification document to verify:

  • Your identification
  • Your age (there are discounts and free fishing options for certain age groups)
  • Your state residency

Normally you will be asked to submit your ID card, a driver’s license or a military ID card.

You can purchase a fishing permit in one of the following ways:

  • Order your permit online. It is really one of the best ways to get your document in a short period of time. You may apply for it online submitting all necessary documents and details of your credit card.
  • By phone. In some states you still may order a fishing license by phone if you do not have a different option.
  • Personal purchase.  You can easily buy your fishing license just while shopping. But you should have documents to confirm your identification and residential address.
  • By mail. This is also a legal and possible way to get a fishing license.

You can get a fishing license irrespectively of your status on the territory of the country, it only influences the final price of the license.

What are the types of a fishing license?

Generally, all fishing licenses may be divided into two big groups: for residents and non-residents.  Then each group is offering a wide range of options to select:

  • Short-term license
  • Annual license
  • Species-specific license
  • Combination license
  • Discounted license

Where to buy a fishing license?

Fishing licenses can be purchased at many locations throughout the whole country, and the most popular of them are:

  • Designated government offices
  • Certified license agents
  • sporting goods stores, many department stores with Walmart being the most convenient among them.

How much is a fishing permit at Walmart?

You should know that each Walmart will offer you local fishing licenses enabling you fishing in the same state. A total cost of a fishing permit at Walmart is usually the same as the price stated in the Fishing guide issued by every state. You will be offered to select from a number of options depending upon term of the permit, species of fish, age. For each variant, a different price is applied. So the cost will vary depending on your final choice.

Main things influencing a Walmart fishing license cost are:

  • Age of the angler (elderly people do not need a fishing license in most states)
  • Package (some species of fish require a separate license)
  • Residential status
  • Validity (short or long term permit)
  • Disability (disabled people can fish for free in some states)
  • Type of water body

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