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Who said there wasn’t fishing in the Midwest? Missouri has a plethora of options for freshwater fishing. When you visit Missouri next (or maybe you live here), be prepared to know how to obtain your Missouri fishing license. In this post, I’ll also share the cost of a Walmart fishing license in Missouri pending the type you need.

Fishing in Missouri

Missouri – ‘Show Me’ state! Well, there is plenty to show in Missouri in terms of freshwater fishing. Rivers, streams, and reservoirs are all abundant here. You’ve probably heard of Lake of the Ozarks. This is a prime fishing destination and gem of the Midwest.

Fishing in Missouri is available most of the year with great summer fishing and ice fishing during the winter. The fishing species most common Missouri include bass, catfish, carp and trout.

Anytime you are fishing in freshwater environments, it’s handy to have a freshwater reel.

In the remainder of this article, expect to find more specific information on a Missouri fishing license and how much a Missouri fishing license costs.

Missouri fishing license cost

In this section, you will find details on the cost of a Missouri fishing license based on your state residency status: resident or non resident. One note, members of the U.S. military currently assigned as a patient to a Warrior Transition program can fish for free in Missouri. Otherwise, check the table below for each of the different Missouri fishing license costs:

Missouri Resident Fishing License Cost

  • Walmart fishing license Missouri Annual – $12
  • Walmart fishing license Missouri Daily – $8
  • Missouri Lifetime fishing license – $300-$400 depending on your age

Non-resident Fishing License Cost in Missouri

  • Annual fishing license – $49
  • Daily fishing license – $8
  • Lifetime fishing licenses for non residents are not available

In summary, those are the basics costs of a fishing license sold in Missouri.

Where to get a Missouri Fishing License?

Missouri fishing licenses are available for purchase at almost any sporting goods and outdoor stores. Also, you will be able to buy a Missouri fishing license online through the Missouri Department of Conservation. Finally, Missouri fishing licenses are of course available for purchase through a local Walmart. Read on below to learn more about the Walmart fishing license Missouri.

How to Obtain your Walmart Fishing License Missouri?

A Walmart fishing license Missouri will be found by simply going to your nearest Missouri Walmart. Upon arrival, find the Sports & Outdoor department. Next, wait for a store attendee who will be able to help issue you a Missouri fishing license. You will have the option to choose from any of the types listed above (annual, daily, resident vs non resident, etc). Lastly, the Walmart fishing license Missouri cost will also match prices you find through their state Department of Conservation or any other store in the region.

Before you leave, check the other states in our guide when you find yourself fishing in another state and/or need information on local fishing license requirements.


In conclusion, Midwest freshwater fishing in Missouri is good as anywhere in the nation. Get your license and find yourself a nice lake to fish in Missouri!

walmart fishing license missouri
The Ozarks in Missouri are great!

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