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Georgia on my mind! In this post, I’ll be covering where to find a Georgia fishing license, how much a Georgia fishing license costs and info on a Walmart fishing license Georgia.

Georgia may be know as the Peach State, but that isn’t all it’s known for! Georgia is a great state for fishing because the weather here is mild for most of the year. Yes, the summers are hot, but the winters are not frigid. Subsequently, I have many friends that will fish year round in the great state of Georgia!

Fishing in Georgia provides great variety. You will find Grouper during saltwater ventures in the ocean while you can land Rainbow trout in mountain streams and lakes. The other widely caught fish in Georgia is the Bluegill.

Fishing Georgia is popular in state parks, marshlands, lakes, reefs, and ocean piers. Due the variety, both saltwater and freshwater fishing is found in Georgia.

Of course, a Georgia fishing license will be required before casting a line. Read on for more information on Georgia fishing license costs and places to buy.

Georgia Fishing Tip: Don’t forget about the marshlands of Georgia where you can gather clams and oysters.

Georgia fishing gear tip: Clamming net

Georgia fishing license cost

Georgia fishing license costs will vary based on the type and term. In the chart below, I’ll share pricing for each type of Georgie fishing license.

It is important to note that a major factor in Georgia fishing license cost is residency status. Georgia resident means a person who has lived in the state of Georgia for at least three consecutive months before license purchase.

Georgia Resident Fishing License Cost

  • Walmart fishing license Georgia Annual (freshwater and saltwater) – $15
  • Walmart fishing license Georgia One day (freshwater and saltwater) – $5 and $1 for additional days
  • Walmart fishing license Georgia Youth (15 or younger) – $10 annual
  • Walmart fishing license Georgia Senior (65+) – $4

Non-resident Fishing License Cost in Georgia

  • Annual (freshwater and saltwater) – $50
  • One day (freshwater and saltwater) – $10 and $3.50 for additional days
  • Youth (15 or younger) – $100 annual/$20 single day

Where to get a Georgia Fishing License?

It is possible to purchase Georgia fishing license at most state sporting goods and outdoor stores or online through the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. You will also be able to purchase a Georgia fishing license at Walmart. Read on below to learn more about the Walmart fishing license Georgia.

Can you get a Georgia fishing license at Walmart?

Yes, you will find a Walmart fishing license Georgia in store. Similar to the other states in our guide, obtaining a Georgia fishing license at Walmart is no different. Check our store locator for a Walmart selling fishing licenses in Georgia near you. Walmart fishing license Georgia cost will not differ much from the prices listed above or from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

In summary, obtaining a Georgia fishing license is required but easy to obtain online or through Walmart. The fishing in Georgia is great at all times of year so don’t miss out on this state on your next planned fishing getaway!

walmart fishing license georgia
Catch at the end of a day fishing in Georgia!

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