walmart fishing license montana

Normally, it is easy to obtain a Walmart fishing license. The process to obtain Walmart fishing license Montana is also easy.

In this article, we’ll break down the costs of a Walmart Fishing License Montana and the best times to get your fishing license from Walmart.

Fishing in Montana

To begin, Montana is a majestic state. The beauty is unparalleled. The fishing in Montana is also full of variety. Options include rivers and mountain lakes. You can even go fly fishing or ice fishing in Montana!

Some of the more popular species of fish in Montana include trout, whitefish, pike, and bass. The Yellowstone River in Montana is one of the best places to fish for trout!

Walmart Fishing License Price MT

Walmart fishing license price in MT will vary based on the type of license you need. For example, resident vs non resident and 2 day pass vs annual pass are a few options. The below table details the different types of fishing licenses available in MT.

Walmart Fishing License Montana Costs

  • Resident Annual Age 18-61 – $21
  • Non Resident Annual Age 18-61 – $86
  • Resident Youth Annual Age 10-17 – $10.50
  • Resident Youth Senior Age 62+ – $10.50
  • Resident 2 day license – $5
  • Non Resident 2 day license – $25
  • Non Resident 10 day license – $56

Fishing licenses in MT are not required if under the age of 16.

Where can I buy a MT fishing license?

Walmart is always the easiest place to buy your fishing license in Montana. Outside of Walmart, the other place to obtain your MT fishing license is through the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks service. They have an online option which is easy.

In summary, you have two options that are both quite easy to find and purchase a fishing license in Walmart.

How to obtain your Walmart fishing license Montana?

First, find a Walmart nearest you. Once you arrive, simply ask or find the Outdoor and Sporting Goods department of Walmart. Approach an employee for assistance in purchasing a Walmart fishing license Montana. They will have one of the options I listed above.

Ice Fishing in Montana

I would be remissed not to highlight the ice fishing in Montana. Being one of the Northernmost states, the temperature in Montana drops to very low temperatures for much of the winter. As such, ice fishing in Montana is extremely popular. One of the favorite ice fishing spots in Montana for winter anglers is Fort Peck Reservoir. It is a remote place with an expansive ice lake for fishing.

Don’t forget to check out the other top ice fishing spots in the United States.


In conclusion, the beauty of Montana is matched by the variety of fishing available. Just remember to obtain a fishing license in Montana to have a stress free experience. Have fun angling!

For more fishing license information by state, check our state license list.

walmart fishing license montana
Fishing in Montana is majestic!

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