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You may be surprised to learn that Ohio has some excellent freshwater fishing. There are a number of different ways to obtain your Ohio fishing license. In this article, I’ll share how to obtain your Walmart Fishing License Ohio.

Furthermore, I’ll breakdown the associated cost of a Walmart fishing license in Ohio.

Fishing in Ohio

Ohio – the heart of it all! That’s the slogan on Ohio’s license plate. When you think of Ohio, you probably think of farming. You would not be wrong. However, Ohio is also home to an abundance of freshwater fishing.

Fishing in Ohio is best known for the fishing along Lake Erie. Lake Erie contains 124,000 acres of inland water. That is huge. Additionally, Ohio has 481 miles along the Ohio River. As such, Ohio has no shortage of freshwater fishing.

The species Ohio fishing is known for include Walleye, Yellow Perch, Smallmouth Bass, and White Bass. I would recommend taking a freshwater reel with you:

Ohio also get’s cold in the winter so ice fishing is available. Keep reading for information related to an Ohio fishing license and how much an Ohio fishing license costs.

Ohio fishing license cost

In this next section, I will breakdown the cost of an Ohio fishing license for residents vs non residents. With that said, fishing licenses in Ohio are not required for residents and non residents under 16 years. Please refer to the table below for related Ohio fishing license costs:

*Also, note that all Ohio fishing licenses are valid 365 days from the date of purchase

Ohio Resident Fishing License Cost

  • Walmart fishing license Ohio Annual – $19 (age 16-65)
  • Senior Fishing License Annual – $10 (over age 65)
  • Walmart fishing license Ohio Single Day – $11 (applies for both residents and non residents)

Non-resident Fishing License Cost in Ohio

  • Annual fishing license – $40
  • 3 tourist fishing license – $19

And that covers your costs for the basic fishing licenses offered in Ohio.

Where to get an Ohio Fishing License?

You can purchase an Ohio fishing license at your common sporting goods and outdoor stores. You can also find an Ohio fishing license online through Ohio’s Wildlife Licensing System. Finally, Ohio fishing licenses are available through your local Walmart. Read on below to learn more about the Walmart fishing license Ohio.

How to Obtain your Walmart Fishing License Ohio?

You can find a Walmart fishing license Ohio through your nearest Ohio Walmart. Simply head to the Sports & Outdoor department. From here, a knowledgeable store attendee will help issue you an Ohio fishing license suited for your needs. A Walmart fishing license Ohio cost will match prices found through the State or other stores in the region.

Feel free to check the other states in our guide if you find yourself fishing in another state and need information on local fishing license requirements.


Don’t be fooled, Ohio has excellent freshwater fishing. Get your gear, get your license, and go enjoy yourself fishing in Ohio!

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