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Fishing in Louisiana is both a freshwater and saltwater fishing state. In order to prepare for your day out fishing or excursion to Louisiana, let’s cover the basics. In this post, I’ll share how to get a Walmart fishing license Louisiana and how much it will cost depending on your age and state resident status.

Fishing in Louisiana

Louisiana has a lot more to offer than just crawfish! In Louisiana, both the freshwater and saltwater fishing is as good as anywhere in the country. For freshwater fishing, you’ll find numerous inland lakes and of course, the Mississippi River empties in the Gulf. In the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll be greeted with a plethora of saltwater fishing options.

Common saltwater fish include yellowfin tuna and snapper while the most common freshwater fish include redfish and snapper.

It’s no wonder they call Louisiana the Sportman’s Paradise for it’s numerous options for fishing in bayous, swamps and coastal marshes! Since much of the fishing here is offshore angling, I would suggest having a good saltwater set up.

In the following paragraphs, learn how to get a fishing license in Louisiana and how much a Louisiana fishing license costs.

Louisiana fishing license costs

Now, let’s discover the different costs of a Louisiana fishing license. The cost for a license will vary for residents vs non residents. As such, use the tables below to choose the license you need.

Louisiana Resident Fishing License Cost

  • Walmart fishing license Louisiana Annual Basic Fishing- $9.50
  • Saltwater Annual (basic license required) – $13

Non-resident Fishing License Cost in Louisiana

  • Walmart fishing license Louisiana Annual Basic Fishing- $60
  • Saltwater Annual (basic license required) – $30
  • Basic one day – $5
  • Saltwater one day – $17.50

*Note that a new license must be purchased each year and expire June 30th each year. A license is not required if under the age of 16

In summary, the costs of a fishing license in Louisiana will vary. As you can see, non resident licenses are much more expensive. However, you can purchase single day licenses if only visiting out of state for a short period.

Where to get a Louisiana Fishing License?

Louisiana fishing licenses are available at a wide range of fishing and sporting goods stores throughout the state. Of course, our favorite option is getting your license through Walmart. Lastly, LA fishing licenses are available online with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department.

Continue on in order to find how easy it is to get a Walmart fishing license Louisiana.

How to Obtain your Walmart Fishing License Louisiana?

A Walmart fishing license Louisiana will be available through your local Louisiana Walmart. Upon arriving to Walmart, find their Outdoor section. In the Outdoor section of Walmart, employees are able to issue you state licenses. Before going, be sure to have your State ID in order to prove your residency status. Also know how many days you plan to fish so that you can choose the right option.


In conclusion, Louisiana is one of the best for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Bring the right gear along with a state issued fishing license to make the most of it!When traveling to other states, check our state guide to get information on local fishing license requirements and fees such as neighboring state, Mississippi

walmart fishing license louisiana

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