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From experience, I know there is no shortage of fish to catch in California. However, there is a fish limit in California limiting how many fish you can catch per day.

In this article, learn what the daily fish limit in California is, the fish size limit in California, and the most common fish in California.

How Many Fish Can you Catch Per Day in California?

Generally, the daily fish limit in California is ten fish per day. However, some species of fish are limited to 3-5 per day. The chart below will help you understand how many fish you can catch per day in California based on the species.

Fish SpeciesDaily Limit
Ocean Whitefish10
Leopard Shark3
Spiny Lobster7

Check here for Lobster fishing regulations in California.

What is the Fish Size Limit in California?

Similar to the daily fish limit in California, the fish size limit in California also varies by species. The below California fish size limit chart will help guide you so that you are not catching fish that are legally too small.

Fish SpeciesMinimum Size in Inches
Cabezon15 inches
Sculpin10 inches
Ocean WhitefishNA
Leopard Shark36 inches
Halibut22 inches
Seabass28 inches
Yellowtail24 inches
Spiny Lobster3 1/4 inches

Get yourself some measuring tape to ensure that you are not breaking any laws around California fish size regulations.

What is the most Common Fish in California?

The most common fish in California are widely part of the lists above. With that said, they will differ for saltwater vs freshwater. The most common three fish in California for each are as follows:

Saltwater – halibut, seabass, yellowtail and shark.

Fresh water – Chinook salmon, trout (all kinds), and catfish

Can you Fish in California without a License?

You might be observing the daily fish limit in California. Also, you might be following the guidelines for fish size limit in California. However, a fishing license is still a requirement in California. Fines will range from $100 up to $1,000 for fishing in California without a license.

It goes without saying that it’s not wise to fish without a license. After all, a fishing license is not that expensive so it’s well worth getting one to avoid the fine. You must have a license at the bare minimum. However, having a license does not excuse you from observing fish size limits and catch limits in California.

In summary, get yourself a fishing license and follow the California fish size regulations and California fish limits.

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