walmart fishing license mississippi

Generally, obtaining a Walmart fishing license is easy. Obtaining your Walmart fishing license Pennsylvania is no different.

In this article, we’ll break down the costs of a Walmart Fishing License Pennsylvania and the best times to get your fishing license from Walmart.

Fishing in Pennsylvania

To begin, fishing in Pennsylvania is a great option. Actually, it is better than one would think. Pennsylvania is blessed with picturesque foothills and a large lake, stream and river system. Fishing in Pennsylvania is freshwater fishing at its finest.

Lake Erie is an incredible place to fish. Pennsylvania also has one of the best lakes for ice fishing in the USA. The most popular type fish caught while fishing in Pennsylvania is trout!

Walmart Fishing License Price PA

Walmart fishing license price in PA can vary based on the type of license you are looking for. The below table details the different types of fishing licenses available in PA.

2024 Walmart Fishing License Pennsylvania Costs

  • Resident Annual Age 16-64 – $22.97
  • Senior Resident Annual Age 65+ – $11.97
  • One Day Resident – $11.97
  • Non resident annual – $52.97
  • 1 Day Tourist – $26.97
  • 3 Day Tourist – $26.97
  • 7 Day Tourist – $34.97

Fishing licenses in PA are not required if under the age of 16.

Where can I buy a PA fishing license?

Walmart is the easiest place to get your fishing license in Pennsylvania. Other than Walmart, you have a few options to get your PA fishing license. They include the following:

  • Online through the state commission site.
  • In person from one of hundreds of issuing agents
  • On the phone. Dial 877-707-4085 (business hours M-F 8:00-3:45)

Overall, it’s quite easy to find and purchase a fishing license in Pennsylvania.

How to obtain your Walmart fishing license Pennsylvania?

First, find a Walmart nearest you. Next, ask for the Outdoor and Sporting Goods department when you arrive to Walmart. From here, an employee should be able to guide you on the various Walmart fishing license Pennsylvania options and pricing.


Go fishing in Pennsylvania if you enjoy freshwater fishing or fly fishing. You will not be disappointed. Since obtain a fishing license in Pennsylvania is so easy, you should not have any trouble enjoying your first fishing experience here. Also, if you enjoy fishing here – you will also enjoy PA’s neighboring state for freshwater fishing, Ohio.

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