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Massachusetts is another state that offers both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Before fishing in Massachusetts, be sure you have purchased a fishing license first. In this post, I’ll share how to get a Walmart fishing license Massachusetts and associated costs.

Fishing in Massachusetts

Massachusetts – ‘spirit of America! Well, the spirit of fishing is also quite alive here. Fishing in Massachusetts has a plethora of freshwater options from lakes to ponds and streams. You’ve also probably heard of the famed fishing ports off Gloucester where saltwater fishing where fishing charters scour the coasts.

The most common freshwater species include bash, catfish, and trout. Saltwater fishing in Massachusetts will allow you to encounter everything from a tuna to a shark. Ice fishing in Massachusetts is also available during winter months.

In summary, Massachusetts has fishing for every angler and season. If you are fishing in the state’s freshwater environments, it’s handy to have a freshwater reel.

In the remainder of this article, expect to find more specific information on a Massachusetts fishing license and how much a Massachusetts fishing license costs.

Massachusetts fishing license costs

In this section, find out the cost of a Massachusetts fishing license depending on your residency status, freshwater vs saltwater license and how long you need a fishing license for. Refer to the table below for each of the different Massachusetts fishing license costs:

Massachusetts Resident Fishing License Cost

  • Walmart Freshwater fishing license Massachusetts Annual – $26
  • Senior Freshwater fishing license (age 65-69) – $13
  • 3 day freshwater license – $10
  • Saltwater fishing permit – $10

Ages under 18 and over 69 fish free

Non-resident Fishing License Cost in Massachusetts

  • Walmart Freshwater fishing license Massachusetts Annual – $36
  • 3 day freshwater license – $20.90
  • Lifetime fishing licenses for non residents are not available

*Prices above does not include the $5.00 Wildlands Conservation Stamp that is added to the first resident license and all non-resident licenses purchased.

In summary, those are the basics costs of a fishing license in Massachusetts.

Where to get a Massachusetts Fishing License?

Massachusetts fishing licenses are available for purchase at most sporting goods and outdoor stores. The most popular store being Walmart. Finally, MA fishing licenses are available directly online through the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

Read on below to learn more about the easily obtained Walmart fishing license Massachusetts.

How to Obtain your Walmart Fishing License Massachusetts?

A Walmart fishing license Massachusetts will be found by simply going to your nearest Massachusetts Walmart. When you go to Walmart, locate their Outdoor section and simply ask a store attendee for assistance issuing a Massachusetts fishing license. Let them know if you are a resident or not, if you are freshwater or saltwater fishing and how long you need a license for. They will be able to help you select the right Walmart fishing license Massachusetts for you.


In conclusion, Massachusetts has a history of great fishing. Get your license so that you can enjoy the great saltwater and freshwater fishing found here.

When fishing in other states, check our state guide to get information on local fishing license requirements.

walmart fishing license ma
Striped bass in the ocean off Massachusetts!

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