does walmart sell hunting licenses

Many people have been asking me does Walmart sell hunting licenses. This website primarily covers how to obtain your fishing license at Walmart. However, hunting and fishing are both outdoor sports that require a license. Due to this, it made sense to start sharing information about obtaining your hunting license at Walmart as well.

The short answer is YES – Walmart does sell hunting licenses. In this post, I’ll share how to obtain a hunting license at Walmart, how much it costs, and when the best time is to go.

Happy hunting!

How to obtain your Walmart Hunting License?

In this first section, I’ll share how to obtain a hunting license at Walmart. It’s actually quite easy. First, head to the Sports and Outdoor department. Once you have found this section of the store, simply ask an employee. Tell them you are looking to attain a hunting license. After you do this, they will take you over to a counter and allow you to fill out the necessary forms to obtain a hunting license in your state.

Most importantly, don’t forget the required documents to obtain your hunting license. In reality, all you need is your personal identification. This can include one of the following:

  • driver’s license
  • state identification card
  • if under 18 years of age, a birth certificate or Guardian’s identification may be used

After filling out the necessary information, you will have to pay for your new Walmart hunting license.

Cost of Walmart Hunting License

Last I checked, the current estimated price of a Walmart Hunting License was $11.75 including all taxes and fees. However, each state reserves the right to adjust hunting license cost based on local and state regulations. The Walmart hunting license price can also vary if you are a Senior or Youth.

In summary, your license cost will vary. It’s best to call your local Walmart or check with a store employee when you arrive.

Walmart Hunting License Hourts

Walmart is great because of their flexible store hours. In some states, Walmart is open 24 hours a day making it very easy to purchase your hunting license. However, trained employees with knowledge on how to administer hunting licenses are not always available. Due to this, I would suggest visiting Walmart during normal operation hours (9am-5pm) in order to obtain a hunting license instead of their odd early and late hours.

End of the day, Walmart hunting license hours are flexible. As long as you go during the right time, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to assist you.

Can you get a Walmart Hunting and Fishing License together?

Not surprisingly, many folks believe that Walmart Hunting and Fishing licenses can be bought as part of the same package. However, this is not true. Hunting and Fishing licenses are separate entities. As such, you will have to pay for them separately and fully during your next visit to Walmart.

If you are interested in Walmart fishing license cost, hours, etc – check out my post on it here –

Walmart Hunting License Near Me

Sure, there are various sporting goods store to obtain your hunting license. However, Walmart is normally the easiest and has the lowest fees. Simply go to your nearest Walmart store. If you aren’t sure where your nearest store is, try our Walmart Store Locator.

Good luck finding a Walmart hunting license near you.

Final note on Walmart selling Hunting Licenses

Now, you know that Walmart does sell hunting licenses. Be prepared before your next trip into the wilderness.

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