best ice fishing in the usa

Ice fishing becomes a popular past time in northern states during the winter. In this post, we will examine the best ice fishing in the USA.

10 best ice fishing spots in the USA

  1. Silver Lake, California
    • The best ice fishing in California, and perhaps the best ice fishing in the USA is found at Silver Lake. Silver Lake is best known for the large fish size found here. In particular, Mackinaw trout can size in at over 30 inches long.
  2. Devil’s Lake North Dakota
    • North Dakota is very cold place. It’s no surprise that ice fishing in North Dakota is some of the best. Devil’s Lake has over 10,000 acres of ice fishing! It’s huge!
  3. Lake Champlain, Vermont
    • The best ice fishing in Vermont is found in Lake Champlain. It is a 120 mile long lake that stretches all the way to Canada. It’s so cold here, you can normally ice fish well into March. Know your ice thickness before you go.
  4. Lake Washington, Minnesota
    • Minnesota is another ice fishing hot spot. Lake Washington is the most popular ice fishing in Minnesota due to its proximity to Minneapolis. Lake Washington is also over 50 ft deep at its deepest point!
  5. Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana
    • Montana is an isolated state. Fort Peck Resovoir is even more isolated. Not surprisingly, it is a full day trip from the nearest city. Those will to make the trek will be rewarded for remote ice fishing.
  6. Lake Gogebic, Michigan
    • The best ice fishing in Michigan is found at Lake Gogebic. This lake is known for its Perch!
  7. Key Hole Reservoir, Wyoming
  8. Saratoga Lake, New York
    • Best ice fishing in the USA would not be complete without a trip to Saratoga Lake in New York. Saratoga is a massive lake and popular ice fishing destination.
  9. Lake Arthur, Pennsylvania
    • Lake Arthur is the best ice fishing in Pennsylvania provided the temperature is cold enough. Recent warm winters have only allowed short ice fishing window at Lake Arthur.
  10. Diamond Lake, Oregon
    • One of the only drive to destination for ice fishing in the state or Oregon. Don’t miss the best ice fishing in Oregon!

While it is important to note that an ice fishing license is required for ice fishing, a standard fishing license will serve the same purpose. An ice fishing license or fishing license will allow you to enjoy all of the best fishing in the USA.

Finally, you should be able to purchase an ice fishing license at any local Walmart. Walmart ice fishing license will be the easiest to obtain. However, you can also easily obtain your fishing license at a fishing store or online through your State’s fishing or hunting department.

I hope you will enjoy the 10 best ice fishing spots in the USA!

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