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Fishing in Oklahoma is a freshwater angler’s dream! In order to be prepared for your angling experience here; get an Oklahoma fishing license first. In this post, I’ll share how to get one of the easiest licenses; a Walmart fishing license Oklahoma. Learn about associated license costs as well.

Fishing in Oklahoma

Explore Oklahoma is emblazoned across state license plates here. No doubt, there are plenty of freshwater fishing options to explore here. With hundreds of lakes and over a million surface acres of water, it would be hard not to find a new place to fish in Oklahoma if you tried!

A few of the most famed fishing spots of Oklahoma include Lake Murray, Lake Thunderbird and Lake Eufaula (the largest in Oklahoma).

As to what kind of fish to expect to catch here; sunfish, catfish, bass, and trout are all common. In fact, you will find sunfish almost anywhere.

The lakes, rivers, and ponds of Oklahoma are all pristine and stock full of fish! Be sure to bring your fly fishing set up as well!

In the rest of this article, expect to find more specific information on an Oklahoma fishing license and how much an Oklahoma fishing license costs.

Oklahoma fishing license costs

In this section, find out the cost of an Oklahoma fishing license. It’s easiest to divide up licensing costs for residents vs non residents. As such, use the corresponding tables below to choose the appropriate fishing license for you:

Oklahoma Resident Fishing License Cost

  • Walmart fishing license Oklahoma Annual – $25
  • Youth Annual (16-17 years) – $5
  • 2 day permit – $15
  • 5 years – $88

Non-resident Fishing License Cost in Oklahoma

  • Walmart fishing license Oklahoma Annual non resident – $55
  • 1 day permit – $15
  • 6 days – $35

To summarize, the costs of a fishing license in Oklahoma varies slightly based on residency.

Where to get an Oklahoma Fishing License?

Oklahoma fishing licenses are available for purchase at your average outdoor store or local fishing store/shop. With that said, the most popular option is Walmart. Finally, OK fishing licenses are available through the Oklahoma Wildlife Department.

Read on below to learn more about getting your own Walmart fishing license Oklahoma.

How to Obtain your Walmart Fishing License Oklahoma?

A Walmart fishing license Oklahoma will be found by simply going to your nearest Oklahoma Walmart. Upon entering Walmart, head straight to the Outdoor section to find assistance from an employee that will be able to issue you a license. Be sure to have your State ID on your to prove your residency status. After that, let them know how long you will be fishing and they will gladly assist in helping you select the right Walmart fishing license Oklahoma for you.


To sum up, Oklahoma has excellent freshwater fishing. Be prepared with the right gear and licensing to make the most of your fishing experience here!

When fishing in other states, check our state guide to get information on local fishing license requirements such as neighboring state, Texas.

walmart fishing license ok
Catching bass in Oklahoma!

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