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Before your next visit to Nevada or your next time fishing as a resident, be sure you have a Nevada fishing license. In this article, I’ll share how to obtain your Walmart Fishing License Nevada.

In addition, understand the cost of a Walmart fishing license in Nevada for residents vs non-residents.

Fishing in Nevada

Firstly, Nevada is a tucked away treasure for fishing. The Silver State of Nevada has some prime freshwater fishing.

Rivers and lakes are abundant in Nevada. Popular options include the Colorado River, Jarbridge River, Lake Meade and Pyramid Lake. The high desert alpine lakes also freeze over making for a popular ice fishing destination.

In terms of the type of fish species to hook on your line, this state is loaded with trout. You’ll find rainbow, brown, brook, cutthroat, cutbow and tiger trout. If you head over Lake Meade, you’ll also find some pretty big striped bass.

Overall, fishing in Nevada is very enjoyable and you should plan a trip if you don’t live in the Silver State!

Nevada Fishing Gear Tip: Come prepared to fish these lakes with your freshwater tackle box!

Please keep reading for information related to a Nevada fishing license and how much a Nevada fishing license will cost.

Nevada fishing license cost

In the following section, the updated costs of Nevada fishing licenses are listed for both residents and non residents. Please refer to the table below for related Nevada fishing license costs:

*Note, Minnesota Fishing licenses are valid March 1 through Feb. 28 of the following year.

Nevada Resident Fishing License Cost

  • Walmart fishing license 24 hours – $10
  • Walmart fishing license Annual – $41

Non-resident Fishing License Cost in Nevada

  • Fishing license 24 hours – $19
  • Fishing license annual – $81

Obviously, resident Nevada fishing licenses are less expensive. Those are the perks of living in the Silver State!

Where to get a Nevada Fishing License?

Typically, most outdoor and sports goods stores will allow you to purchase a Nevada fishing license. It’s also possible to purchase a Nevada fishing license online through the Nevada Department of Wildlife. Finally, Nevada fishing licenses are of course available through your local Walmart. Read on below to learn more about the Walmart fishing license Nevada.

How to Obtain your Walmart Fishing License Nevada?

It’s easy. A Walmart fishing license Nevada will be available at any Walmart store in the state. Since all Walmarts will provide this service, it’s a matter of going to the right department in the store. Simply head to the Sports & Outdoor department. Once here, a store attendee will help issue you a Nevada fishing license based on your requirements (eg. in state vs out of state and how long you need it). A Walmart fishing license Nevada cost will match prices found through their Department of Wildlife and other outdoor retailers.

Please remember to check the other states in our guide if you find yourself fishing in another state and need information on local fishing license cost and requirements.


In conclusion, the freshwater fishing in Nevada is excellent and unknown for the out of state crowds. Just be sure to purchase the appropriate fishing license in order to enjoy the fishing treasures of Nevada!

walmart fishing license nevada
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