Tennessee fishing license

Tennessee state is a very popular destination among fishermen as it is proud to offer a wide range of freshwater fishing places throughout its territory. You will find everything here: the longest rivers, lakes, large reservoirs, beautiful bays. There are over 22 thousand miles of water flows, 29 large reservoirs and more than 300 fish species in Tennessee.
Before you go looking for the best fishing options that Tennessee is offering you, it is important to get a valid TWRA fishing license, learn the restrictions and rules for certain waters, and get a map of the place where you are going to fish. If you are a beginner in fishing, you may look for classes that are offered by skilled training staff or hire a guide.

Do you need a fishing license in Tennessee?

Tennessee law demands an official fishing license allowing fishing in all bodies of water. A fishing license is obligatory irrespective of residency for any fishing activity within the state’s waters.

Tennessee fishing license cost

You can get fishing licenses in TN starting from the 18th of February every year, and they are in force till the end of February of the next year. You may get licenses online on the official website of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA), and personally at TWRA locations, as well as in many stores throughout the state. Fishing licenses can also be bought online at the website of the Tennessee Online License Center.

The fishing license price for a resident varies depending on the option you choose:

  • A yearly fishing permit – 34 USD 
  • A one-day fishing permit- 6.50 USD
  • Junior fishing permit (13-15 years) – 10 USD
  • County fishing permit – 11 USD
  • Annual trout permit – 22 USD
  • Sportsman permission (including hunting) – 166 USD

To confirm you are a current resident Tennessee you have to provide your identification documents:

  • TN voting registration card
  • TN driving license
  • A valid rental contract
  • A student ID card

Note that you will need a separate license to be able to fish trout.

Tennessee non-resident fishing license

If you do not permanently live in Tennessee state and are just a visitor here, you can still buy a fishing license but the cost will be a bit higher. Non-residents can choose from the following options:

  • A yearly fishing license (no trout) at 50 USD
  • A yearly fishing license for all species at 99 USD
  • A three-day license at 20.50 USD
  • A ten-day permit at 30.50 USD

Tennesee fishing license online

The easiest way to purchase a fishing permit is to do it online. You can apply for it directly on TWRA website or through Tennessee Online License Center. You need to create a customer account and submit copies of identification documents. After completing the necessary steps you will receive an electronic license by email. You may use as a legal copy of your license.

The following categories of people can have a discount for a fishing license or do not need it at all:

  • Children under 13 years of age
  • Landowners and members of their families fishing on their farmlands
  • People on military leave
  • Elderly people

Walmart Fishing License Tennessee

Obtaining your Walmart fishing license Tn is also another easy alternative. Simply go to your nearest Walmart store and you can purchase a Walmart fishing license. Walmart fishing license cost and Walmart fishing license hours should also be checked at your nearby store.

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