ice fishing silver lake california

There are a number of great ice fishing spots throughout the USA. However, one of the absolute best places is ice fishing Silver Lake California!

In this post, learn how to find Silver Lake, when to fish it, and a general overview on ice fishing Silver Lake.

It may be cold, but the fishing is good!

Where is Silver Lake California?

To begin, I’ll tell you how to get to Silver Lake for ice fishing.

Silver Lake California is located in the Sierra Mountains just outside of June Lake and Mammoth Lakes. More specifically Silver Lake is located at the base of Carson Peak on the June Lake Loop. This is all accessible from Highway 395.

Use these coordinates to more directly access ice fishing Silver Lake California.

Silver Lake California Ice Fishing Overview

Ice fishing Silver Lake is widely regarded as the best ice fishing in the Golden State. For starters, it’s an absolutely gorgeous location sitting at 7,000 feet in the middle of the Sierras and El Dorado National Forest. The picturesque mountain and forest views are serene.

The lake itself has a surface area of 525 acres. It’s not massive so it doesn’t take as much to freeze over during the winter. Another plus of ice fishing Silver Lake is the campground on site. It’s home to 42 camp sites that are first come, first serve. These come in handy if you plan to spend several days ice fishing Silver Lake.

Silver Lake is also stocked with fish so there shouldn’t be a shortage of fish to catch. The species of fish found in Silver Lake vary. More on that next.

What Fish are Found in Silver Lake?

When ice fishing Silver Lake California, the fish are abundant. Some of the most popular fish caught in Silver Lake include trout. You’ll find everything from Rainbow trout to Mackinaw trout. In fact, some of the trout are as large as 12 pounds! Other fish found while ice fishing Silver Lake include Brook and Cutthroat.

silver lake california ice fishing

When is the Best Time of Year for Ice Fishing Silver Lake?

Standard ice fishing season in California is usually January through March. The same applies for ice fishing Silver Lake California. With that said, it depends on the season. If cold fronts and snow move in earlier, ice fishing in California is accessible as early as December. If the cold weather sticks around late season, you can sometimes ice fish as late May. As long as the ice is about a foot thick, it will be safe to go ice fishing.

Which Equipment to Bring for Ice Fishing Silver Lake California?

The normal equipment applies for ice fishing Silver Lake as would apply for ice fishing anywhere. This includes your shovel, ice auger (for cutting a hole in the ice), rod, reel, and a cozy seat to post up on while sitting on the ice for hours.

Lastly, don’t forget your California fishing license, which is required year-round, even for ice fishing.

Check my guide here on ice fishing equipment for more information.

Silver Lake California Ice Fishing Review

Overall, ice fishing Silver Lake California is one of the best lakes for ice fishing in California if not the entire United States. Silver Lake is blessed with beautiful views and bountiful fish. These two ingredients are enough to make any ice fisherman grin!

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