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The Land of Lincoln can be transformed in to your land of fishing! All you need is a fishing license to fish responsibly. In this post, I’ll share how to obtain the popular Walmart Fishing License Illinois.

In addition, I’ll break down the cost of a Walmart fishing license Illinois for residents vs non residents.

Fishing in Illinois

Illinois has access to an abundance of freshwater streams, rivers, and lakes. The most obvious and biggest lake for fishing in Illinois is Lake Michigan. Illinois does share a small part of it’s coast line with this great Lake. You don’t have to go far from Chicago’s skyscrapers to find great fishing in Illinois.

Some of the most common fish in Illinois include bass, sunfish, catfish, trout, and salmon. While Illinois is limited to freshwater fishing, there is an abundance of it found here.

Grab your freshwater reel and have some fun!

Illinois fishing license cost 2024

In this next section, you will find the cost of an Illinois fishing license for residents vs non residents. With that said, fishing licenses in Illinois are not required for residents and non residents under 16 years. Refer to the below table for 2021 Illinois fishing license costs.

Illinois Resident Fishing License Cost

  • Walmart fishing license Illinois Annual – $15
  • Lifetime fishing license – $435 (only available to Illinois residents)
  • Senior Fishing License Annual – $7.75 (over age 65)
  • Walmart fishing license Illinois 24 hours – $5.50

Non-resident Fishing License Cost in Illinois

  • Annual fishing license – $31.50
  • 3 day fishing license – $15.50
  • Walmart fishing license Illinois 24 hours – $10.50

In summary, fishing licenses in Illinois are relatively inexpensive compared to other states.

Where to get an Illinois Fishing License?

Illinois fishing licenses are available at most common sporting goods and outdoor stores. You can also find an Illinois fishing license online through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Finally, Illinois fishing licenses are available through all local Walmarts. Read on below to learn further about the Walmart fishing license Illinois

How to Obtain your Walmart Fishing License Illinois?

You will find a Walmart fishing license Illinois through your nearest Illinois Walmart. Simply head to their Sports & Outdoor department and ask for assistance. Normally, a store attendee will help issue your Illinois fishing license based on your residency status and # of fishing days needed. If you go outside of the 9 to 5 hours, all Walmart stores do not always have attendees to help with fishing license issuance.

In terms of costs, a Walmart fishing license Illinois cost will match prices listed above. You should pay the same for your license whether it’s through Walmart, another store, or the state.

Please check the other states in our guide if you find yourself fishing in another state and need information on local fishing license requirements.


Illinois is more than the land of Lincoln. In fact, the freshwater fishing is superb. Whether you are visiting or a local, obtaining your Ohio fishing license will be easy.

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