Get a Nebraska Fishing License

Fishing remains one of the most popular ways for people to spend their leisure time. While many people think they are good to go fishing after purchasing their rods and other associated accessories, this is not the case. They will also need to be willing to purchase a Nebraska fishing license before they even think about casting their line into the water. This will ensure that no fines or penalties are received for not having a fishing license on hand.

Who Requires a Nebraska Fishing License?

All residents of Nebraska who are over the age of 16 years are required to purchase a license before going out fishing, regardless of where you are going to be fishing. Any non-residents of the state who are under the age of 16 will not require their own Nebraska fishing license, but they will have to be in the company of an adult who is in possession of a valid Nebraska fishing license.

When purchasing a fishing license, many people choose to perform the transaction at their local Walmart. For more information about obtaining your permit to fish at Walmart, click here.

Eligibility to Obtain a License

A Nebraska fishing license can be purchased online through the Outdoor Nebraska Online Permit System. In order for a person to be classified as a resident of Nebraska (for fishing license purposes), they will have to have resided in the state for a minimum of 30 days before putting in an application to purchase a license. Anyone who is attending school, college or university in another state and who claims Nebraska as the state that they actually live in will qualify to purchase a license, as will active duty members of the military who are stationed in Nebraska.

Any full-time students who are attending any Nebraska-based educational facility will be able to obtain a permit, provided that they have been in the state for at least 30 consecutive days beforehand. Anyone who has recently moved to the state of Nebraska may be required to provide proof of address before they will be granted a Nebraska fishing license.

Available Types of Nebraska Fishing Licenses

One of the most popular options is that of the annual fishing license, which costs $38 per year. When combined and purchased as fishing and hunting license, the cost is $52. A one day license will cost as little as $10, while a 3 day permit will be $31. An annual license for active members of the military as well as military veterans will cost just $5, while senior citizens will also only pay $5 for their annual license. Disabled persons will also be billed a nominal fee of $5 for their annual fishing permit. When purchasing a 3 year Nebraska fishing license, the cost will be $90.50, while a 5 year license will be $132. When purchasing a Nebraska fishing license, non-residents of the state will pay higher prices.

It is important to remember that the pricing for the above mentioned fishing licenses can be subject to change without notice. As a result, it is recommended to search online or call your local Department of Conservation to find out what the most recent rates will be.